a non animal
i'm delora and all i do is cry over music andrew bird and anime tbh


So it wasn’t you?

me when im full: im gonna stop eating salty oily food that is bad for me and makes me break out! time for a new lease on life and clear skin
me when i get a little hungry at night: *eats two bowls of popcorn and half a box of cheez-its*

i was sitting in a weird position and my leg went so numb that i didnt even realize it was numb. like it started itching and i went to scratch it and couldnt feel it. i don tknow why im posting abt this but it was a very strange feeling

i made these coffee sugar cookies yesterday and honestly……..they kind of rock

Title: Wrapped Up In Books
Artist: Belle & Sebastian
Played: 10 times



Sorry for the extremely lengthy post on your dashes but this is so important




This is like the best thing you could be suspected of doing I hope I end up on the news like this someday


to all my haters: right?!?!