a non animal
i'm delora and all i do is cry over music andrew bird and anime tbh

i got like 4? 3? hours of sleep last night and all my movements rn are so…..slow……

My house is actually fulllll of bugs and spiders :))) had a lowkey meltdown :)))

Title: September
Artist: Earth, Wind & Fire
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there was a HUGE spider in my bathroom and i let it escape and i was flipping out and i just doused my bed/around my bed in my eco friendly nontoxic bug killer spray so that i can sleep tonight but seriosuly i dont give a fuck if spiders are “also living creatures sharing this earth with me uwu” they are disgusting filth and i will kill every last one of them that i see no matter where i am, if im indoors or outdoors, if i see a spider i will do everythign i can to eliminate it from this fucking plane of existence i want them gone i want all bugs gone they all came from hell and dont deserve to be with all of gods good creatures they need to die die die


how to confess to your crush


maybe i’d be able to study more if quotes from sponegbob seasons 1 - 3 didn’t occupy a permamnent space in my brain

sometimes when i go outside by myself i feel like things arent real. like i kind of feel like im an alien on another planet that looks exactly like ours but isnt. especially at twilight in the summer. that is like the most mystical time of the day and year

Title: Boy 1904
Artist: Jonsí & Alex
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Early concept art for Mawaru PenguinDrum


Early concept art for Mawaru PenguinDrum